Wednesday 19 April 2017

My "blue brown" eyeshadows

Once, ages and ages ago, I stumbled across Blue Brown from MAC - a pigment that I point blank refused to pay for, and looking back I'm not sure why because you can get the trail sized version for a tenner and who's ever really going to use more than that much in a lifetime, unless you're an MUA, which frankly I'm not.

Anyway, I went on a hunt for "dupes" and I've managed to amass some over the past year or so and really, I don't know if they are dupes because I still don't have the original. Basically this is just my collection of eyeshadows that have that lovely brown/blue/red shimmery colour.

Up first is Urban Decay and their Moondust single eyeshadow in Solstice: this is the most red-toned one of the lot, and I don't really like this one that much. The formula is really chunky and patchy, and the blue bits tend to stay on the brush or my finger rather than transferring to the eye. So this one's a bit meh, sadly, especially for £15.50 which is a bit steep for a single eyeshadow.

Next is an Inglot loose pigment, bought in Krak√≥w the first time Sam and I went together. This is number 85, and it's the lightest colour out of the lot but it's one of my favourites. The base is almost peachy when you wear it, with brown and blue flecks. It looks so gorgeous pressed on top of a neutral eye look. It retails for £13, but if you're happen to visit Poland it works out cheaper there!

Another loose pigment is Insomnia from Make Up Geek - I haven't worn this as much as the Ingot pigment, but I like it just as much and I think it's the closest to the actual blue brown colour. It's so soft and smooth and wears really nicely, and for £12 it's not too shabby at all.

In terms of pressed eyeshadows in palettes, I have two that come close to this shade - the first being from Wet n Wild. It's in their Color Icon Comfort Zone palette, and it's my absolute favourite of the lot. I find it easier to work with pressed eyeshadows than loose pigments, and this one is so buttery soft yet SO pigmented. The colour is, of course, stunning, and it lasts all day. The whole palette is $5 and although it's hard to get your hands on in the UK, it's well worth it!

Last but actually, sort of least is part of the NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Warm Neutrals - and I'll be honest, I don't like it that much. It's a lovely colour and if you use layer after layer it's okay, but it takes a lot to build any sort of colour up which is a shame. It's also just a bit 'meh' in texture: for a palette that's always sold out, I expected more!

There you have it, my blue-brown dupes. Do you have any good ones, or shall I just bloody buy that MAC one after all?

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