Friday 24 February 2017

There's a starman waiting in the sky // OOTD

My love for David Bowie is huge, and when I saw this t-shirt in the Rad.Co sale I knew I had to get my hands on it - but I was skint and so I was sad but then my lovely friend Bekah bought it for me, being the angel that she is. And so now it's mine, and I couldn't wait to style it up. Now, this was the day of the setback so I didn't manage to get proper outfit pictures, but these photos are cute anyway.

Something I never wear, or very rarely, is a checked shirt open over a t-shirt. I quite often wear them buttoned up, or occasionally I wear one open over a skimpy crop top, but never open over a t-shirt because I'm not Juno, and I don't think it suits me. But the thing about David Bowie was that he wore what he wanted; he wasn't concerned whether things suited him, or whether they were 'in' or looked cool or were 'normal'. He was the coolest man ever and his androgynous style was iconic. Love you forever DB.

The t-shirt itself is soft and fits nicely, and the quality feels amazing. Rad aren't the cheapest, but they're worth the extra pennies in my opinion. My shirt is from Lily Vintage in Chester, and my little velvet choker is from Primark. You can barely see my jeans (Missguided) but they're a light-ish blue with rips in the knees and frayed edges.

The biggest thank you again to Bekah, you are an angel and I love you.

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  1. YAY, you should style it like this more often, it does suit you <3 and of course, DB cannot be covered by buttons


    Anne //