Saturday 25 February 2017

Degustabox // Feb 2017

If there's one thing my mum loves about my blog, it's the big parcel of food* that arrives from Degustabox each month - and I'm a big fan too, to be fair.

In terms of proper kitchen food, if that makes sense, there's some Kabuto rice noodles (basically a healthier pot noodle type of thing, so 10/10 for students/office people) and some Heinz beans. Both of these will definitely get eaten in our house!

Moving onto snacks, of which there's an abundance this month: chocolate coated banana chips from Maui&Sons, and chocolate covered coffee beans from Americanos, both of which Sam loved but they definitely weren't for me - I don't like banana, coffee or dark chocolate. Sigh. I enjoyed the Diablo cream-filled chocolate wafer, which was basically like a chocolate bar but with no added sugar. Filled with sugar, no doubt, were the two bags of Bebeto sweets. If you've had Bebeto sweets before then you'll know, they're just not like English sweets - but they're not terrible, so it's all good!

Drinks - there were plenty this month, including a WHOLE BOTTLE of Echo Falls white wine, some Double Dutch mixer, berry beets juice from Coldpress and some coconut milk - as well as the cherry on top, some Just Bee water which is THE BEST.

So there's the low down of this month's Degustabox - if you want a whole 7 quid off your first box, use the code E8EVT. 

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