Sunday 26 February 2017

Life update; Feb 2017

I cannot believe it's nearly the end of February?! I very rarely do posts like this, but I felt like doing a bit of a brain dump to sum up this month and what's going on in my life.

I'm applying for jobs left, right and centre - mostly to fund our travel addiction, if I'm being honest. We've booked flights to Porto for June and Boston for January, as well as having a holiday to Poznan booked for jut over 2 weeks time. I am SO excited and so blessed to be able to travel, and so pleased that I get to do it with Sam as well as with our best friends. So I'll take pretty much any job right now, bar work or a coffee shop or an off license, because I want to save up a few thousand to splurge on American make up next year. Too far? Probably.

Leg hair? Don't Care! art from HelzIllustrates on Etsy

My masters is going okay; it's not going great, but I'm doing my research and I'm plodding on. I have a book review to be getting on with, and I've taken to watching films with LGBTQIA+ characters in (they're few and far between) and counting it as research. Which I guess it is. Sort of. Side note, yesterday I watched Naomi & Ely's No Kiss List which is cheesy and peppy and a bit weird, but also lovely and raw and true.

I've got two gigs on the horizon - The King Blues with Sam and then New Found Glory with Sam and my brother later on in the year, both of which I am beyond excited for. Two of my favourite ever bands in one year? Yes please. Speaking of favourite bands, The Libertines are doing a show in my home town (borough, actually, but yk) and I'm hoping to get tickets!

I'm trying to get healthy - less biscuits, more exercise, but I'm not on a diet per se. I just want to feel a bit better about myself. I'm also now like a month smoke-free which is just crazy to me, but I'm buzzing about it in all honesty!

So that's life right now - I'm happy, I'm doing well, and I'm excited for what the year ahead has to offer me.

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  1. Congrats on being a month smoke-free, that's amazing! I'm trying to pull as many shifts at the restaurant/pub I work at too to save up money for travelling. I can't wait to see all the travel posts that you've got lined up in the near future

    Steph -