Tuesday 17 January 2017

Winter city-break // My fashion wishlist

I'm a big lover of city breaks, and I want to see as much of the world as possible this year - so myself and Sam are headed to Riga, capital city of the gorgeous Latvia, in February. A trait I've picked up from my mum is buying new clothes for every holiday (oops) so here's my ultimate wishlist for Riga, everything I'd be buying to take with me if I wasn't a skint student who's had to scrape together the pennies to fly to Latvia in the first place.

First up is this cute AF stripy jumper from Primark - Latvia is well into the minuses this time of year, so layers are a necessity. This with a denim shirt poking out? Yes please. It's only a tenner and it's that lovely waffle texture, and I'm just really into it. I will, of course, be needing a hat/gloves/scarf combo - or I might just mix and match.

This particular scarf is a Red Herring one from Debenhams (it's in the sale for less than 6 quid) and it's got that pink in it that everyone's going mad for. Myself included, obv.

If there's one thing I absolutely NEED to take it's a decent coat - I have actually bought one, a pale pink puffy thing from Primark which I love. But if I had a spare £45 I'd be bagging this Ellesse jackets, which is a chic black with fur but still the puffa style which I love/is so cosy.

Told you I need a hat - this one from New Look is amazing; ginormous pom pom AND it's in my all time favourite colour? Hit me up. Will it clash with my hair? Who knows.

Last but not least is this gorgeous wine-coloured button up skirt from F&F at Tesco which is literally only 12 quid but it's lovely and their stuff is really good quality. This with some thick tights and chunky boots? Adorable.

What are your winter holiday staples?

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