Wednesday 18 January 2017

nspa Deep Cleansing Facial Oil // Review

nspa are a brand who have been on my radar for a year or so; their jojoba and white jasmine range is my favourite scent of all time, and their products are so reasonably priced. I am a skincare junkie, and I couldn't wait to try the Deep Cleansing Facial Oil* when it came through my door.

It too smells amazing, quite similar to the jojoba and white jasmine (so if you're not into scented skincare, probably stay away from it) and it really does the job. I find myself needing about 6/7 pumps for a full face of make up, and it's not greasy - closer to a dry oil, I'd say.

I work it into a dry face, then wipe off with a wet flannel/muslin cloth/sponge/whatever is close to hand and honestly, it gets all of my make up off save for a few smudges of mascara that don't tend to come off first try for me no matter what cleanser I'm using. It doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky or greasy or any of that rubbish - just soft, clean and ready for the rest of my skincare routine.

I love this product and can't wait to try more from the nspa skincare range; this product is vegan, which is good if that's what you're into, and you can pick it up from ASDA with your weekly shop. 10/10 would recommend!

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