Thursday 19 January 2017

Wet N Wild eyeshadow palettes review & swatches

Now, us poor little souls in the UK can't get hold of Wet N Wild very easily - but then again we don't have Trump, so it's swings and roundabouts really. But anywhere you can get your hands on Wet N Wild, you can bet your ass I'll be there. So when Sam gave me not one but TWO of their eyeshadow palettes for Christmas, I was obviously thrilled.

Both palettes are pretty similar; they're the same lay out with eight shades in them - three being glitters, three being shimmers and the final two being mattes - and both are quite neutral which is brilliant for people like me who, let's face it, aren't that great at eyeshadow.

'The Great Glistener' is, generally, more cool toned. The glitters in this one are silver, white and yellow-gold, and the shimmers are a grey-blue (which swatches more blue than grey), a purple and a brown, with the two mattes being black and a dark reddy-brown.

'No Neutral Ground' is slightly warmer; the glitters are pink, cream and gold and they're just stunning. The shimmers consist of a different purple to the other palette alongside an olive-gold and a khaki-ish green. To be fair, you can see in the photos what they look like and I'm awful at describing colours but I'm giving it my best shot. The matte shades in this one are brown and a lovely bottle green.

So what are they like? The best shades are the shimmers; the glitter ones are slightly chunky and the matte ones a bit patchy, but all in all the come down to being brilliant little palettes. The packaging is nothing special, and it comes with one of those naff little sponge/brush duos, but what can you expect? Honestly, these are brilliant and something I'd highly recommend - if you know where to find them, that is!

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