Tuesday 31 January 2017

Thinx Period Pants // Review

When I was younger, all I knew about for my period was pads and tampons - neither of which are great for you, but that's a whole other blog post that I haven't written. Anyway, I've been exploring my options when it comes to soaking up the blood I lose when I'm on my period; I tried a menstrual cup, and we all know that didn't work. When the ladies at Thinx offered to send me some Period Pants* I jumped at the chance to try some out.

I love the design and vibe of their site, and of the company as a whole. The pants come in various styles and colours - I've got the sporty ones and the hip huggers in black, size medium, and for reference I'm a size 12-14 in most clothes - so there's something for everyone. You can use them in place of pads/tampons/cups/sponges, or alongside them. For example, if you had a quite heavy period you might wear a cup and then wear the pants as well to catch any leaks. On light days, they can completely replace anything else you might use which is brilliant!

I find them so comfortable to wear, and honestly they work - no blood leaks through them, and you also can't feel the blood as it soaks through to an underneath layer. There's no smell and they're anti-microbial, so they're completely safe to have around your vagina area. They're completely reusable (rinse them in water after wearing them, then chuck them in the washing basket and wash as normal with the rest of you clothes) so they're eco-friendly, too.

What are the downsides, then? Well, I have two pairs and that means two days of wearing them but my periods are longer than two days. I'd love to have a pair for every day of my period, but these are pretty expensive so I save them for light days when I can get away with wearing just these.

Overall, I think the pros outweigh the cons and I absolutely love my period pants - and by the way, no they don't feel like you're wearing a nappy. I promise.

Have you tried anything like this before? Let me know what works best for you!

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  1. I honestly had no idea that anything like this even existed.. Whilst I don't think I could bring myself to rely on the completely, I think they'd be great for days of spotting or when you're due to come on. x