Monday 30 January 2017

#SherbetBox // review

I said I was going to review more subscription boxes this year didn't I - and here we are with another one, the Sherbet Box*. This is a stationery subscription box from Sherbet Lane, and retails for £14 a month if you get a rolling subscription, and £15 for a single box. I got January's box, and the theme is Hygge which if you've not heard of by now, I'll just assume you live under a rock.

In my box came an A4 piece of paper, with drawings of each thing that was included - how cute is that? It also had a bit of a note about the concept of Hygge, which I thought was nice. But what was actually inside was even better: some galaxy hot chocolate (not for me but my mum will love it), a paper big with a pen, some fairy dust and a scented tea light inside, some greeting cards to use (we're sending one to Sam's little cousin, who doesn't live that far but loves getting post), a handy bookmark and a cute notebook.

I'm a sucker for stationery, and the notebook will definitely come in handy for blog planning and/or taking notes at uni. Speaking of uni, I'm reading so many books right now that a bookmark is 10/10 something I'm in need of! The fair dust is adorable and will be a permanent feature on my bedside table (although if you'e crafty, it's pink glitter so you can use it for your projects!) alongside the tea light, which smells amazing, and the pen. You can literally never have enough pens. The greeting cards are my favourite, because I'm one of those people who always forgets to buy cards, and it's nice to have cute ones like these for when you need them, even just to send a note to a friend!

So - overall, the Sherbet Box was brilliant for me. As it's a stationery subscription box, chances are you'd only be getting it if you're a stationery lover which believe me, I am. I know I'm in the minority when it comes to the hot chocolate thing (vom) and even the dairy dust is so lovely. Worth the £14/15? Hands down, it's a yes from me.

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