Wednesday 1 February 2017

Pixi Skincare // first impressions

Recently I've been sent and been bought some Pixi skincare products; I've not been trying them for too long, but I wanted to tell you my first impressions of them!

Sam knew I wanted the Double Cleanse, which is their collaboration with the wonderful Caroline Hirons, so being the babe she is she went out and bought it for me. 10/10 would marry. Anyway, we tried the cleanser the very same night - and we were impressed. Half is a solid oil and half is a cream; start off with the oil, which turns liquid-y when you touch it, applied to try skin. It gets rid of make up really easily, and followed by the cream cleanser the whole thing is just a dream. There's no scent whatsoever, and it didn't irritate my skin. Love love love it.

I was sent the Glowtion Day Dew* and the Beauty Sleep Cream* to try out, and so far I'm loving both. They're pretty similar, just the the Day Dew is a lot more glow-y. Both are thin, sink in quickly, don't feel greasy and have an iridescent look. These do have a scent, but it's not strong and off-putting, and it's generally quite a fresh smell. I can't wait to carry on using these!

What are your recommendations from Pixi, if you've tried anything?

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