Tuesday 8 November 2016

My top 5 travel destinations

I love travelling and going on holiday and although some people seem to think travelling is classist (but I won't go into it, though I hope Sam writes a post on it because if it's anything like the thread she did on it, it will be fabulous) I don't, and I'm doing to talk about it anyway. I've been incredibly lucky to have travelled to some amazing places ever since I was a kid - holidays with my parents, with my aunty and uncle, with college/uni/my pals/my partners.

Number 5... Coming in at number five is Egypt. I was lucky enough to stop at Cairo for the day on an Ancient Wonders cruise when I was 8 and dead set on being an Egyptologist, and we visited the Pyramids of Giza and the Museum of Cairo which is just ????? Mind-blowing. Sadly we didn't get to go inside the pyramids and a man did point a gun at my chest but all in all it was an amazing day and one I'll remember forever.

Number 4... Villefranche-sur-Mer is another place I visited for just a day, but it vividly sticks in my mind as one of the most incredibly beautiful places I've ever been, and for a long time it was where I ultimately wanted to live when I was older. It's got the most amazing blue sea, a gorgeous fort and so many colours in the form of flowers, houses and artwork.

Number 3... It's expensive, but Barcelona is just a cracking place to visit. There's something for everyone - so many shops, Camp Nou, and enough art to last a lifetime. Both times I've been it has been SO DAMN HOT but I love the atmosphere, the busyness, the beauty and the buzz of the city.

Number 2... I love Paphos, in Cyprus, for a relaxing holiday - I firmly don't believe in giving money to massive hotels who either don't employ locals or pay them pittance, who don't put money back into the local economy, who tell you not to leave the resort because it's dangerous outside when really they just don't want to ruin the illusion by having you see the slums, the kids begging, the parents with sunken eyes and their ribs sticking out because any money they get goes on food just for the kids. ANYWAY, Paphos isn't like that and it's a beautiful place and the people are friendly, the bars are good and there's a bit of culture if you know where to look.

Number 1... Was it gonna be anywhere else? Kraków is my favourite place on earth, and I can't wait to be there next week - it's my true home, it's where my hearts is, it's where I feel happy and safe. It's got culture, history, good food, cheap vodka, nice people, hidden gems like the shisha bar at the back of the kebab shop. It's got stuff to do, a bridge with love-locks on it, stunning architecture... I just don't even need to go on. Get yourself there.

Where's your favourite travel destination?


  1. My favourite place in the world is Rome, the food is absolutely delicious but not only that the history there is just incredible!
    Love, Amie ❤
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  2. I read Sam's thread about travelling being classist and it's so true! Every body gives me an 'ooh err' look when I say I've been to America and we went to Disneyland, and I can feel them totally judging me, but what's hard to say (and what no one wants to hear) is that my parents spent years saving for this trip, my uncle paid for part of it, my sister actually got the tickets through the Make A Wish foundation because of how ill she had been, and we ultimately went because my dad promised to take us if she battled through her cancer. But that's all a bit too much to mention haha. I'm so excited to see both yours and Sam's pictures from Krakow and I hope you have the most amazing time!

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk