Wednesday 9 November 2016

Miscellaneous Gift Guide 2016

I know it's only November but surely you've started thinking about your Christmas shopping already, right? I know I have, and I'm excited to bring back my series of tried and tested Christmas gift guides; there's gonna be 5 this year, and the first is miscellaneous gifts - those random filler presents you can pick up for friends and family, or get as secret Santa presents if your allotted budget stretches that far.

I Love Gin do a gin & tonic box, and I think subscription boxes make the perfect gift - whether you're buying them for someone as a big year-round gift, or just as a one off for Christmas, they're a really good idea and there's SO many you can get these days. You get two little bottles of gin and two bottles of tonic, enough to make 4 drinks (or two really strong ones) and they work with a good variety of brands. It's £14 per box, which I think is pretty decent, and it's a gift any gin lover is bound to thank you for!

Gays love unicorns, and Totally Funky sent over these unicorn fairy lights - and I bloody love them. I'm waiting for my pride flag to arrive before I actually put them up (I want them to go above the flag to make a completely gay wall) but I'm obsessed with them, and sent photos to everybody I know. They're only a tenner which I think is amazing, just make sure you remember to get batteries as well to avoid disappointment when they can't be used straight away... Totally Funky have a whole host of miscellaneous gifts/homeware/bath stuff, and there's genuinely something for everyone.

Red Candy is another site that I think is great for Christmas shopping, because they just have so much cool stuff; I picked out the Umbra Hangit Desk Photo Display, which I managed to put together myself. Mine's on a shelf, rather than a desk, but it works the same and I love it for displaying photos and notes, which you can change out whenever you want. For £15 I think this is such a lovely present idea, and you could even get some photos printed out to go alongside it.

I love underwear, and when Curvy Kate said they'd get involved with my gift guides I was thrilled - their bra whisperer measured me over the internet, which was crazy but amazing, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on two sets of underwear. I hate padded bras, so these lacy ones are perfect for me, and they fit nicely. I love that Curvy Kate use girls of all shapes, sizes and colours and their bras really are lovely. They're pretty pricey (the crimson set is £47 in total) but it's only Christmas once a year, and underwear makes an amazing gift - especially for bigger-busted girls like me who often struggle to find good fitting bras!

Another website that's perfect to scour when you're a bit stuck for gift ideas is Find Me A Gift - as the name suggests, it's full of things that would make amazing Christmas presents. They do some Happy Jackson stuff, and I love this Water/Vodka reusable water bottle (which I have thus far used for prosecco only) because it's cute, funny and practical.

Games are a massive part of Christmas for my family, and U Studio sent over a football-based game called Fever Pitch, which I am SO excited to play whenever we get the chance to have a night in. It's a card game of sorts, and I'm not sure how it works yet but I'm sure I'll keep y'all updated and it looks like a barrel of laughs.

United Candles got in touch, and who doesn't love candles at Christmas time am I right?! These Tuscany Candles are gorgeous; the scents are really strong, but not in a headache-inducing kind of way, and they look gorgeous too. Snow Day smells like warm aftershave and is a two-wick candle, and Candy Apple is sweet and fresh and Christmassy.

Colouring in has been huge throughout 2016, and I know I'll be getting at least one new colouring book for Christmas - so when Stabilo offered to get involved with my gift guides I was excited to have some new pens to use. I chose the Pen 68 tin, which has 30 gorgeous coloured pens in - amazing quality, good variety and so vibrant. Love love love.

If you can't buy sex toys for Christmas then when can ya?! Any time really, but Carvaka sent me some to show off to you and one of my favourites is the Honey Bunny 10 Function Rabbit Vibrator which is so smooth and feels amazing - y'all know I think sex toys are the bomb and the ones from Carvaka are really good as well as being decently priced (this one is under £25 which is amazing)! Get 15% off Carvaka with the code LoveKaty... you're welcome!

I hope this gift guide has given you some ideas to help you with your Christmas shopping - let me know if you buy any of these or take inspiration, you know how nosy I am...

Items in this post were sent to me for review purposes; for more info please see my disclaimer.

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