Monday 7 November 2016

Breakout Liverpool // Review

I love doing things that are a bit unusual - sod going the cinema or for a romantic dinner, I'm all about doing something different. The gang at Breakout Liverpool offered me a free game to review, and of course I jumped at the chance and took Sam with me. You can have anywhere between 2 and 5 people, but nobody could make it so it ended up just being the pair of us and after filling up on Five Guys we headed to Sir Thomas Street and into Breakout Liverpool.

The waiting area alone is so much fun - there's riddles on the wall, locks to practise with, and a table full of puzzles to get you in the right frame of mind. When our room was ready we were introduced to Shannon, who took us in; we'd chosen the Cursed Carnival room, which is decked out in red and white. She told us the back story of "how we'd ended up there" and gave us some general instructions and rules, then left us to find the first key.

The premise of the game is basically to solve puzzles to find keys to open the next door; there are 5 doors within the Cursed Carnival, and it gets more difficult with each room (in my opinion, I'm not sure if this is actually true!) The biggest room had so many puzzles, so many red herrings and so many things that had us second guessing. The final room, however, really had us thinking we'd never get out - but we did, with 11 minutes out of 60 to spare.

You have to concentrate and stay calm, think outside the box and use your logic even when it seems to be failing you. Time flies in there, because you're having fun but also because it's a pseudo reality of sorts. Shannon was watching us the whole time, giving us nudges and clues when we were nearing tantrums - she was a total babe and she said we did really well, so I was pleased.

Honestly, escape rooms are so much fun and not nearly as stressful as I thought - it was difficult, but the two of us managed it and we were proud of ourselves. Breakout Liverpool is definitely somewhere I'll be heading back to, and it's definitely somewhere I'd recommend to go with your friends, colleagues, family or other half!

(I wasn't allowed to share many photos, as the rooms have to be kept top secret - but I hope you enjoyed this post regardless!)

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