Thursday 20 October 2016

The Dene Hotel, Chester // Review

Now, I pretty much suck at remembering to take pictures of things and with our stay at The Dene it was no different (not to mention my phone was dead upon arrival and my the time it was ready the room had been taken over by make up, bath towels and laptop chargers) - so I apologise for that.

But our room, really, was beautiful - deep purple with two windows, lamps on the wall and a sofa at the end of the bed with purple cushions. The bathroom door didn't lock, but that was actually a blessing as it meant we could watch YouTube while in the bath without the laptop getting wet. The bed was, I swear, one of the most comfortable places I have ever slept in my entire life; not huge, but the perfect size for two of us and the bed linen was soft.

The staff are all lovely; the lady who checked us in was polite, helpful and nice, as was the night manager when I bumped into him and had a chat. Checking in and out was simple, and the bar was nice and the seats looked comfortable. The hotel was warm but not hot, and all in all I just loved it.

Photo cred to Sam

It cost us £45 for the night, which isn't bad for Chester - I'd definitely recommend The Dene if you ever find yourself looking for a hotel in Chester, whether it's for the races or a city break.

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  1. The Dene actually looks like such a lovely place to stay especially if your on a budget, I am absolutely loving your hotel reviews at the moment :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal