Wednesday 19 October 2016

Stereotypical Lesbian // Fashion Wishlist

This post is a bit of fun; as a lesbian, I know better than anyone that there's stereotypes attached to the way "we" dress. When I first started dating girls I lived in chinos and polo shirts; these days, I'm more of a skirts and crop tops kinda girl but that doesn't make me any less of a lesbian. So yeah this is a fashion wishlist style post but it's got a message behind it - the way you act, dress, speak or generally live your life does not add to or take away from the sexuality you identify as. Remember that.

These jeans are from La Redoute and I've never bought anything from there before but I love the colour and shape of these, and something just tells me they'd be dead soft. I personally haven't worn a bow tie for a fair few years but this one is cute AF, and I'm all about a Liberty print - it's from Mrs Bow Tie and they've got some well cute stuff. I've been lusting after Timberlands for years, and I've got a dupe pair from eBay which have lasted me well, but nothing compares to the real thing, right?

Ah - vests. I've got a cactus vest that I wear for bed sometimes and I honestly feel SO DAMN GAY when I wear it; this one is similar, just plain, and it's a French Connection one from MandM so it's super cheap but presumably really good quality. A checked shirt can go one of two ways - you're either a lesbian or some sort of hipster/lumberjack/farmer type. I love a good checked shirt because you can literally wear them with anything, dress them up and down - and find them for twelve quid at New Look. Last but not least, one of my favourite lesbian staples - the cap. This is a Calvin Klein one because lesbians love a good designer label (you can find it at Topshop) and even though I don't suit caps whatsoever, I really want this.

What lesbian stereotypes do you reckon I've missed out?!

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