Saturday 22 October 2016

Autumn Nail Picks

I suck at painting my nails but I love it when they're painted, and I like changing my colours up with the seasons (sometimes - other times I go for pastel pink at Christmas because fuck the system). So here's my pick of the A/W nail colours in my collection...

AVON nailwear pro+ in Cosmic Blue // I love this because it's almost a duo-chrome effect, and the deep blue shade screams autumn to me - sure it's not maroon or khaki, but something about the depth of it definitely fits this season in my head. This isn't the best formula and you need a couple of coats, but bear with it and it's lovely.

Rimmel Lycra Pro in 341 Chic and Chearful // I straight up hate the name of this - chearful?! What?! But other than that, it's a gorgeous nail varnish. The formula is really nice and the brush is wide which I find useful; the colour is sensible and muted but still Autumnal and it lasts a good while. Would definitely recommend.

Essie Fear & Desire // Y'all know I'm the biggest Essie fan there is, and even though this might be a bit bright and summery for A/W I just think orange is SO autumn. Plus - Halloween am I right?! I won't go on about the formula, other than telling you I think it's the best there is.

Essie Vested Interest // This really is such a beautiful and unique colour - a sludgey grey/blue/green which should be gross but really isn't. I always get compliments on this and it's one of my favourite shades ever!

Smith & Cult Shattered Souls // Beautiful packaging, beautiful colour - I think gold is a perfect colour for the Autumn months, and this looks amazing over so many other shades. It's expensive, there's no doubt, but it's a really special one.

OPI ???? // Sorry about the question marks but this one doesn't have a name and I can't find it anywhere - but it's a beautiful purple with gold shimmer through it, which I think is perfect for this time of year. It's quite sheer so again you do need a few coats but this is one I really like.

What are your Autumn nail picks?

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