Sunday 23 October 2016

Low key Halloween fashion wishlist

I love Halloween, and I like fashion, so I'm combining the two today - this year I have a few Halloween events, and there's some that I just don't fancy going all out for. Luckily, the shops do stock some more subtle spooky clothing, so here's my top picks!

A tiara makes everything better, and this black rhinestone one gives a Halloween edge to any outfit - how amazing would this look against bleached hair as well?! Definitely a low key Halloween staple. I live in my pyjamas, and these from Boohoo are just adorable. Long sleeved tops and a pair of shorts is actually my favourite combination when it comes to pyjamas, and I definitely reckon you could wear this top out and nobody would be any the wiser... Sparkly Halloween socks are definitely the finishing touch to any outfit in October, am I right? These Topshop ones are just adorable, and definitely a cheap way to spook up your wardrobe.

This dress from Miss Selfridge isn't particularly Halloween-y (as in, you could wear it at any time) but black lace is sassy and witchy and a bit sexy. Low key, but definitely something you could wear for a fancy dress party if you were also trying to pull. Last up is this Misguided t-shirt, which Sam has actually bought for me because she's adorable - again, probably a year round thing but also a bit scary, and I'm planning on wearing it with shorts and tights because grunge.

What are your low key Halloween fashion picks this year?

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