Tuesday 25 October 2016

October Make Up Haul

I know, I post beauty hauls a lot - but I seem to have accumulated a lot of new make up lately. Some of it is from Sam's "I won't use this" drawer and some is stuff that I've bought or been sent - here goes!

The first shop I wanted to go into when we visited the Trafford Centre was Kiko, but Sam had a system and it ended up being one of the last - but it was sooooo worth it and I came away with 5 make up products, paying less then £20 for the lot. I picked up a foundation which is definitely going to be a bit too dark for me and a cream concealer which I am thrilled about - I'm always up for trying out new base products and I can't wait to get using these.

I also got my hands on a coppery shade of their cream crush eyeshadows which I'm head over heels in love with, and a lip gloss pencil. I know that sounds awful and I hate lip gloss as much as the next person but these really are gorgeous! I umm-ed and ah-ed over their eyebrows products for ages before settling on the eyebrow filler pencil. Less than £20 for all this? Yes please and thank you.

Now onto the multitude of things Sam has passed on to me - mostly from Armani Beauty, who we also had breakfast with last week. I have two of the eye tints (a whopping £27 each) and then two base products. These are the Fluid Sheer which can be use in about 17 different ways, and the iconic Luminous Silk Foundation which are around £36 each. She also gave me the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation, because it's too dark on her gorgeous pale skin, and one of their single eyeshadows in 'Lounge' which is such a me shade I can't even tell you. Thanks, queen.

At breakfast with Armani (I know this haul is all over the place, bear with) they gave us a Lip Maestro and I've worn it most days since I got it - mine is in the shade Blush and it's soooo pretty. I also got sent a lipstick from GOSH, which is the perfect Autumn shade and I'm loving it.

Have you got your hands on any new make up lately?

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