Friday 30 September 2016

Mowgli, Liverpool // Review

If you've been reading my blog for a while you might know that Bold Street is my favourite place in Liverpool; quirky shops, cute bars, food from all over the world (as well as your typical Subway and Home Bargains) - it's got everybody covered, and it's easy to get to. Last weekend, mum and I and some friends were off to see Blood Brothers for the millionth time, and we went for food beforehand. It wasn't my choice (and wouldn't have been, either) but we settled on Mowgli, a little place that serves Indian street food.

mowgli liverpool indian street food

The aesthetic of the place is just gorgeous - all wood and metal and fairy lights, and it was full of people when we arrived which was lovely to see. It's a sort of tapas situation, and we ordered a selection of things; the food comes out as and when it's ready, meaning that getting an array of stuff to share is your best plan, otherwise one of you might have finished by the time somebody else's food turns up. Does that make sense? Hopefully.

First to arrive at our table was the tray of Yoghurt Chat Bombs; sadly, nothing with red bull but it was some sort of filo pastry, baked, with a cool mint yoghurt filling and small pieces of vegetable on top. We were warned that we shouldn't bite into them, as the yoghurt would go everywhere, so we all just shoved them whole into our mouths. When in Mowgli, I suppose. These were nice, although not my favourite, but they made a good starter.

mowgli liverpool indian street food bold street

Next up came our Gunpowder Chicken, which is chicken (duh) and spice in chickpea batter. Honestly, incredible. Quite spicy, but then again I eat my Nandos plain so most things are spicy to me. Then came Mother Butter Chicken, which was chicken in a spiced tomato and yoghurt sauce, and a lamb dish (House Lamb Curry) that I tried even though I hate lamb - and honestly it wasn't too bad!

We also got some bits from the carbs section: Mowgli Basmati Rice, which was pretty standard, and the two available types of bread: Elephant Atta Roti, which is a bit like a wrap (only thicker) and Puri, which I would probably live on if I could. Everything about it was nice; warm, a bit greasy, soft, a hint of sweetness. Amazing.

mowgli liverpool indian street food bold street review

The most amazing of all, though: Mowgli Paneer. This is cheese, and I bloody love cheese, but it doesn't taste or have the texture of any cheese I've had before. It's a million times better, and it's in a sauce with vegetables and it's soft and warm and lovely.

Mowgli was founded by Nisha Katona, who does YouTube and has a book and was unknown to me until 5 minutes ago when I visited the Mowgli website, but I love supporting women when they're doing great things so if you're ever in Liverpool (or Manchester) or if you wanna take me on a date, Mowgli is the one.

Ps, I know my photography in this post is dire. It does Mowgli absolutely NO justice. Soz.

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