Friday 16 September 2016

Copper homeware dreamin'

It's no secret that 99% of the blogger community LOVE a bit of copper - I don't know where it came from, but I hope it's a trend that sticks around because I am a big fan. With that in mind, here's the low down on some copper homeware products that I'm head over heels with lately...

This table is from Oliver Bonas, so it's overpriced but it's gorgeous and I think it would make the perfect place for storing perfumes/skincare. Either that or, you know, used as a bedside table with a little lamp on it. These fairy lights (so cliché) are from ASOS, and I just think they're super pretty. I already have way too many fairy lights, but if I'm ever in the market for some more, it'll probably be these ones. The copper wire basket is from H&M and I'm all over it - I think it would make the perfect place for chucking new-in stuff (bloggers, ya know what I mean). If you're not a blogger with samples coming out of your ears, you could use this to store all sorts of things. Pretty.

How gorgeous is this lamp?! It's from Cox and Cox, who I hadn't heard of 'til I started putting this post together. It's so posh and beautiful, and even though I don't really use my desk this would look SO nice on it. If I, you know, cleared the clutter of it. A copper dish rack - I don't have my own place, but if I did I'd be heading straight to Red Candy to purchase this. You can also use this sort of thing to store eyeshadow palettes, apparently. Who knew! Last but not least is this gorgeous hanging photo display thing from Primark, which is tacky but adorable and I'm a sucker for memories.

Hit me up with some copper home recommendations so I can drool over my laptop some more!


  1. ASOS are having a chuckle with those copper lights, I have the EXACT ones from Poundland!!

    1. Pretty sure you can get them in Primark now too!