Tuesday 30 August 2016

Hylamide HA Blur // Review

Y'all know I have an extensive love affair with primers, and when the Hylamide HA Blur* landed on my doorstep I was eager to try it; Hylamide is sold through Deciem | The Abnormal Beauty Company, and I know Caroline Hirons is a fan of the Hylamide brrand so they've got to be good, right? I've talked about their Photography Foundation before, and so I had high hopes for this primer.

First off, I love the packaging. It's ultra modern, it's pink, and it's not bulky. You get a standard 30ml of product and it's retails for £19 - making it mid-range, in my opinion. More expensive than "drugstore", but not quite high end. It's a price I'm willing to pay, anyway, because I actually really like it.

When you squeeze it out, it's thick - and when you slap it on your face, it seems as though it's not going anywhere. It seems like it won't spread out, and it takes a few seconds to get it going but when you do it's glorious. It feels like suede, almost, when it's on the skin; it mattifies and smoothes and blurs, leaving you a gorgeous base to apply the rest of your make up.

This is one I can only use when my skin isn't too dry, and it's not a product I tend to pair with powder foundations - but used with MAC's Studio Fix Fluid, for example, it's fab. It helps my make up last that little bit longer, and it ensures everything applies evenly so it's everything you want in a primer, really! I would definitely recommend.

Have you tried anything from the Hylamide brand? Let me know!

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