Sunday 28 August 2016

Degustabox // August 2016

This is only my second month of recieving the Degustabox, but I'm loving it - this month if was full of savoury bits and bobs, as well as alcohol, and I was so excited to delve in when I got home from work and found it in the living room.

First up I spotted the Willy Chase's Fit Popcorn which is Apple Cider Vinegar flavoured - definitely an acquired taste, and not one for me. They do, however, do a Salted Honey version and the packaging has bees on it, so I'll be picking that up ASAP. There was also some Rakusen's Snackers, which were much more promising - both plain, but one packet are gluten free. Perfect with hummus and such like, as well as being relatively healthy. I liked these ones.

I've never seen my mum as excited as when I pulled out the jar of Geeta's Mango Chutney - she's a regular maker of coronation chicken, and this is one of the ingredients; she's already buzzing for the next buffet she attends so she can use it! Also from the same brand there's Tikka and Rogan Josh curry paste, which look easy to use so I'm sure someone will have me making them a curry soon...

Normally, I'm a Pot Noodle kinda gal - but the Aromatic Thai Noodles and Moroccan Cous Cous from NutriPot look so interesting. They seem to be a healthy alternative to the student-coveted tubs, and they're the kind of thing that would be handy if you work in an office or don't have much time to grab a proper lunch. I'll keep you updated on how good they taste!

A bit more miscellaneous now; Sweet & Sticky Barbecue Sauce/Marinade from Tabasco which is my new love - I'm a massive fan of BBQ sauce as it is, and this is one of the best. I don't eat olives, so the Chilli & Oregano Oloves are going straight to my mum, who loves them (weirdo) because she goes to Greece so often that she's developed a taste for them.

I've grouped these two together because they both scream *BREAKFAST* to me - the Clipper Lime & Ginger Green Tea and the Dorset Cereals Raspberry & Blackcurrent Bircher Mix. I'm not a tea-drinker, so this will be donated to my bestie, but I can't wait to tuck into the cereal before work, mixed with some fat free yoghurt. I love the adorable measuring spoon, too.

Last but not least: beverages. I rolled my eyes when I saw the Fentimans Sparkling Lime and Jasmine drink, because they sent me LOADS when they launched it and I hated it, so I had bottles of it dotted around my uni house for months. I'm not a beer drinker (more of a cider gal) but this Mahou was fine as beer goes - my dad drank most of it, though. I absolutely loved the Get More Multivitamins Sparkling Lemon & Lime - like sprite, but less gassy and more healthy. Spot on.

All in all, Degustabox was a mixed bag (or box) for me this month. Then again, I'm a fussy eater and none of it went to waste, so that's a good sign!

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  1. Oh my goooood I bloody love the idea of this box! I love the sound of the tea, the barbecue sauce and the Nutripots xx