Friday 26 August 2016

Things I wish I'd known before I went to uni...

As y'all know, I've been to uni - been there, done that, got several t-shirts. And I loved it. I studied Journalism and Creative Writing at Chester University, and it was the best three years of my life. It was also terrible, in parts, and that's okay. Here's some things I wish I'd known...

Don't take your entire DVD collection because really, you'll not watch them. Movie nights tend to happen (or at least, they did for me) via a laptop - and a HDMI cable if you're lucky enough to have a telly. I did have a telly, but it got nicked. Long story, scary story, keep your doors locked.

Grab every opportunity with both hands; I think this one goes without saying, but make the most of your time. Three years may seem like a long time but in reality it will fly by and soon you won't remember being that little fresher turning up with a door stop and packet of biscuits. Everything you can do, within reason, do it. Join clubs and societies, go to parties, help out with things. At uni, there are so many skills to learn (both academic and not) and so many ways to build your CV - you can leave with so much more than a degree, and I think you'd be a fool not to.

Take double the amount of cutlery that you think you'll need. For some reason, it goes missing - or if you buy the cheap stuff like me, it'll break mid way through eating an Aldi lasagne. Also, shop around; there's likely to be a smaller, and thus cheaper, supermarket around. I went to Aldi for most of my shopping, because it was fairly close and even though both Asda and Tesco were on the same road, why would you go there when you can get everything much cheaper next door? Wouldn't recommend their carrot and coriander soup, though, so for home comforts I think it's fair to treat yourself to Heinz.

It's okay not to be having the time of your life. Or, like me, to be having the time of your life while simultaneously suffering from depression. It's okay not to be okay, as cliché as that is. You'll build support systems, and there is always help there - just reach out and take it, as scary as that might be. Your university will have counsellors, and pastoral support, and most lecturers are actually really nice/cool/friendly people. Talk to someone.

Most importantly, have fun and study hard. Pull all nighters in the library with your best friend, wear silly costumes on a night out with your sports team, make your housemates a roast dinner. Read everything, take as many notes as you can, and hang on in there.

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  1. OMGG!!!! YOU have made me so excited for September!! These photos give me life!! XX