Sunday 17 July 2016

Japan Funbox // Review

I love food; I love it so much, and when people send me food it's a bit like Christmas. Japan Funbox are a subscription service (there's a lot of these floating around now, eh?) who send out - you guessed it - Japanese candy and snacks. There's three different sizes you can get: mini, original and family, priced accordingly. They ship worldwide for no extra cost, which is a bonus! The guys at Japan Funbox sent me out of their mini boxes* and I was in heaven.

You typically get 5-7 items in the mini boxes, and this month there was six. The first one I tried was the Pizza Potato - pepperoni pizza flavoured crisps. Oh boy. They're amazing and I'm on the hunt for something similar in the UK. It's a bit like that scene in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory with the chewing gum that is flavoured like an entire meal - you can genuinely taste all the different aspects of the pizza. The other crisps in the box were the Slim Ganko Fried Potato - basically ready salted crisps, but like... slivers of crisp, if that makes any sense. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Japanese candy makers seem to be a bit obsessed with grape flavoured things; I hate grape flavoured things, but I tried them anyway. The Whistle Candy was soooo cool - it genuinely does make a whistle sound when you blow through the hole, but it also does have that artificial grap flavour which gives me a headache. Swings and roundabouts. The One Piece Gum has the same flavour, and thus I hated it, but it's cool that it has the characters from the comic on it - this is definitely something I think would appeal to people who are "into" Japanese culture/things/stuff.

Strawberry and chocolate is my favourite flavour combination, and Meiji Apollo didn't disappoint; little cones of chocolated and strawberry goodness - be warned, though, they're SO moreish. I literally ate them all in one go. Last but not least was the Ume-Pachi which is a plum flavoured popping candy. Ultimately, I thought it was disgusting. I am endlessly fascinated by popping candy though. How? Why? What??

All in all I had so much fun trying the Japan Funbox* - but I'm not sure if I'd pay the £11.37 every month. Maybe as a one off or a birthday present for someone, though!

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