Tuesday 19 July 2016

Blemish concealers - the round up

My skin is a nightmare, and I have a face full of spots and scars - so concealer is definitely something I always have in my make up bag. I've been testing a few lately, and wanted to talk you through my thoughts...

e.l.f Complete Coverage Concealer, Light // This is a fab little palette; I got it for Christmas and I've hit pan on a couple of the shades, because I love it. I tend to stick to the two on the left for blemishes, and they're soooo creamy. They do wear off a bit during the day, but most of my make up does! I mix the two shades together and apply with my finger, and voila.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, Fair 1 // Would any post about concealers be complete without this? It's cheap and cheerful, and gets the job done. I find it to be really easy to work with and it blends really well too. The colour range isn't great, though.

Face Atelier 1 Ultra Camouflage Duet, Light // The two colours in this look SO dark in the pan, but they're actually a really good match for me. They're not as creamy as I'd like them to be; you do need to warm them up a bit, but they offer plenty of coverage which is what I look for in a concealer, really.

Seventeen phwoarr paint, Fair // Okay, so this is marketed as an under eye concealer but it's way too thick for that, in my opinion! Plus it's not really light enough, so I use it on blemishes. It's okay - not the best, but it's not expensive which is a bonus.

Liz Earle Perfect Fix Concealer, Fair 02 // I don't know who thought this is 'fair' but it's orange, and this means I can't really use it as it stands out under my foundation. I also don't like the stick because it's unhygienic - so this one's a no from me. Plus it's expensive.

Cargo Cosmetics Double Agent Concealing Balm Kit, 2N // Again, the concealer in this looks like it would be too dark, but it isn't. This is my favourite of the bunch; it's so creamy, long lasting and the perfect shade match. The powder is pretty decent too, so it's a good one for travelling.

Do you have any concealer recommendations? Let me know!