Thursday 7 July 2016

Fragrance Direct // Haul

Fragrance Direct are a website I've coveted for years; discount branded make up??? Yes please. Every so often I place an order, and I desperately needed some post-Brexit cheering up - for less than £20 I got all of this. Thank you @god @jesus @buddha

Essie are my all time favourite nail varnish brand, and there's honestly no formula that compares. 9/10 times they're opaque after one coat and they last a good while too. I picked up Chills & Thrills which is a gorgeous blue, Sittin' Pretty which is a purple like no other, and Serial Shopper because peach/orange is my go-to in the summer.

I love W7 for the dupes they do of other products, and I'm beyond excited to give their Bronze and Glow a try. I don't own the original (by Charlotte Tilbury) but I've used it a couple of times and I'm interested to see how this compares! I've tried their oiginal Prime Magic (featured here) and I love it; y'all know I suffer with a lot of redness so I thought I'd see if the green version works some wonders on me.

L'Oreal are a brand I've not really tried that much of, but my mum used to own one of their Colour Infallible eyeshadows and I remember the formula being kick-ass; this purple shade is really unique, at least to me, and I can't wait to see what it looks like on. My favourite lipsticks are the original Kate Moss ones from Rimmel, and whilst I think they sent me the wrong shade (this one is 90) I love it. It's not an every day colour for me, but it's one I'll still get a fair bit of wear out of. Last but not least is this Orly nail polish in Snowcone, which is soooo pretty - also this cost me £1.99 which is around £8 off the RRP. So, you know.

Have you bought any new make up lately? Tell meeeee!

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