Tuesday 5 July 2016

Creative Writing | July 2016

It's been a while since I posted any creative writing on here because everything is stashed on my now-broken laptop, but this one is from my 120-line portfolio from May this year so I hope you don't hate it. Also, today is my birthday!!

Mensibus Anni
'Months of the Year'

January came in bright white with a hint of baby-blue, causing a stir and settling on spindly branches that brushed the top of February’s hair the wrong way, an argument quickly forgotten in a flurry of pink plastic. March stopped by unannounced, colourless and bored, fingertips drumming on fleshy thighs until April came along. She was yellow and soft, trying too hard to be like May – hot, orange-hued and happy. Everybody loved her, but all too soon she was replaced with June: protective with green eyes, green lips, green everything. July appeared next, hot and bothered, turquoise and not ready for anything. He stayed a while, with early mornings and late nights, a constant haze surrounding him until August took over. Commanding respect, he was red – but not as red as September, when she turned up. With Vulcan by her side she brought a burgundy wind and cardinal puddles, and then she was exhausted. October relieved her, a purple face in a purple sky but with brown on the ground; everybody wished October would stay, but November arrived. Sheathed in grey with an angry stare, she almost outstayed her welcome. December was busy but he got there on cue, trailing silver glitter in his wake until January came, in bright white with a hint of baby-blue.

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  1. I love all the imagery in this but my fave is September - wow. Vulcan by her side - any piece that manages to fit in Roman mythology and French wine is worthy of high praise from me :-)

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  3. Gorgeous writing here, very talented and keep up the writing!