Saturday 9 July 2016

Internet dating dramas with Badoo

As someone who is newly (ish) single, I've just started dipping my toes into the world of "dating" - and this is quite weird, for me. I've never done the whole dating thing before, not really; I've never put myself out there in that way, and my previous relationships have all been ones I've sort of stumbled into. And I'm not looking for anything serious right now; I can't think of anything worse than being tied down again at this moment in time, but a little fun never hurt, right? My dating life thus far has been interesting to say the least, and I already had this post in ,mind when Badoo came along and asked me to share some stories. Here's a few of my favourite moments...

I matched with a girl on a dating app, who works with a good friend of mine; I know this because I did some Facebook snooping. And then proceeded to accidentally add her on Facebook. We'd been matched for a total of around 7 minutes.

The very day I downloaded my first dating app, I saw my ex on it along with multiple people I went to primary school with, and some people that I know are in relationships. Seriously, what's the etiquette for seeing someone on a dating app when you know they've got a girlfriend?!

Sometimes I see people on dating apps that I vaguely know; I saw a friend of a friend on there, and swiped left because if I wanted to talk to her, I could just message her on Facebook. Apparently this is offensive. Who knew.

I went on two dates with a girl I met on social media; it was going great and we had fun and she's a lovely girl. But on the second date, she informed me I didn't kiss her passionately enough. Second date. We'd met twice. Yikes.

Badoo is an app that lets you connect with people nearby, and people far away - not just for dating, but for general fun and chit chat too. What have you got to lose?

This post was written in collaboration with Badoo - for more info please see my disclaimer! 

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  1. I always had good results with OkCupid. Never seemed to find anyone I know on there.