Wednesday 3 February 2016

Getting organised with Paperchase

Third year can take it's toll, but I find the secret to success is definitely being organised - something I find SO much easier to do when I've got stationery I actually enjoy using. Paperchase offered to send me some goodies and of course, as 99% of bloggers would, I said yes!

paperchase stationery haul

I got to choose three products, and I'm pretty damn pleased with my selection. The first is this A4 notebook - it's plain, but I plan to jazz it up with stickers when I find some that I like. It's split into sections (bonus) and I find it a lot easier to get things down when I've got a bigger space to work on.

hipster a4 notebook

Pencil cases; you just need one. I have a battered Hello Kitty one that holds all my colouring stuff, but I've never had a nice one for uni. I find in lectures I need various pens, a pencil in case I want to draw out a diagram of whatever we're talking about, highlighters and little post-it note marker things. This is the cutest one I've ever seen. Glitter for days.

paperchase pink sparkly unicorn pencil case

Last but not least, a diary - you can't be organised without one, and I just love the aesthetics of this one. It's not in boring plain squares, but there's enough space to write down my assignments, my social life and whatever else I need to remember.

paperchase nordic nights 2016 diary

Paperchase have some gorgeous stationery and such like - definitely have a look if you're a student or you work in an office (or if you're not, or you don't!) And I've got a gorgeous little stationery haul on the blog too if you fancy a peek!

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  1. Oh I love the diary, I haven't actually purchased a 2016 diary yet. I'm not sure which one I want yet but yours looks super cute. Stationery makes me so happy!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  2. Great post! I love paper chase and recently got a new notebook for lists from there! I fell in love haha x

  3. I love the Nordic Nights collection, excellent planner choice!
    Also, that pencil case is freaking adorable and I want it. <3


  4. I really need a diary! Paperchase is my favorite shop for stationary store ever. They have the cutest stuff and it's just the best for trying to get your life in order haha

    lovely post,
    Daizy from|