Thursday 4 February 2016

Greenfrog Botanics

If there's one thing I love, it's luxury skin stuff - and Greenfrog Botanics fit that bill perfectly. They're a little upmarket, at between £7 and £9, but their stuff is, truly, gorgeous.

greenfrog botanics

I opened a little parcel from them to find the Geranium & Peppermint Botanical Bodywash (£8.40) and the Neroli & Lime Botanical Handwash (£7.80) - until recently, these were the only two scents Greenfrog offered but they've just introduced Rose & Neroli, which definitely sounds interesting. I'm not keen on rose-scented things, but I'd love to see how it fares when paired with neroli.

Greenfrog products are made with 'soapberries', which are grown in the Himalayas and have been used in medicine for centuries thanks to their respect for the skin's PH balance and lack of chemicals. Greenfrog adds aloe vera to their products, known for its antioxidant and super moisturising properties. So far so good, right?

The hand wash contains neroli oil, which is rejuvenating, and lime which is antibacterial - both, I think, perfect for washing your hands and keeping germs at bay in the kitchen or bathroom. It smells amazing, honestly, and doesn't leave my hands dry like a lot of soaps do.

Alongside the soapberries, the body wash contains geranium oil which is really calming for the skin, and peppermint oil - cooling and fresh, making it perfect for mornings. Both oils are well known for conditioning the skin.

Greenfrog products are veggie, vegan and also palm oil free. They're great for eczema sufferers, like myself, because they're natural and PH-respecting and just all round kind to skin. So would I recommend them? In a heartbeat - they leave skin soft and nourished, they smell amazing and they're just GOOD: to skin, to the planet, to people.

 Have you tried anything from Greenfrog Botanics?

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