Monday 1 February 2016

Creative Writing | February 2016

January saw me submit my 90-line poetry portfolio for uni, and also I did my first open mic night. I only read one poem and I was SO nervous but it was so rewarding, and I left feeling inspired and creative and confident (and a little drunk). This poem was in my portfolio, so I thought I'd share it here...

castril, spain

Orbis Terrarum

Who made the world? I need to know, immediately.
Who made the grapes on the vines that brush my forehead
as I tiptoe home at dusk? Who made the birds that bicker
in the garden? Who made the moon that hangs low in the
lilac sky, casting yellow over the sleepy city?
I breathe: there’s lavender and wisteria in the air,
more questions than answers, and the low rumble of cars
on damp roads irritates me. Slowly, unwillingly, the
sun reveals itself and the city wakes up, light bouncing
off the grapevines and birds calling to their young. I wonder
where the moon is hiding, and if I’d see it if I walked
the length and breadth of the valley. I wonder if it
would be there, fallen and dusty, twinkling between
mountains older than time itself. I’d touch it and
pocket as many rocks as strength allowed to light my
world, ready to start all over again.

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  1. I love this! It's so beautiful!

    Jemima x