Friday 29 January 2016

My menstrual cup experience | story time

Now, I'll give anything a go once - and I'm pretty proud of that. Sam, who was my partner at the time, has used a menstrual cup for years, and would recommend them to anyone; and she did, to me. I had the implant when we met, so I wasn't getting periods, and then I got it taken out and a fair while later I got a period. I had bought myself a menstrual cup by this time, for when my periods eventually kicked back in, and I was pretty excited to give it a go.

If you don't know what a menstrual cup is, it's a little rubber cup that you fold to put it inside yourself - then you make sure it's popped up and comfortable, and leave it to collect blood as you go about your day. Then you take it out, empty the blood and wash the cup out, then put it back in. And repeat. In theory it sounds amazing, and for a lot of people it is. You can leave it in for a lot longer than a tampon, it's eco-friendly, and it costs a lot less when you consider the amount of tampons/pads you'd be buying each year as opposed to just buying one or two cups. You do only need one, but you might want extra to keep one at your partner's house or whatever.

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So when I came on my period, I dug the cup out from my medicine drawer and went into the bathroom. I took a deep breath, folded it and put it in my vagina. I checked to make sure it had unfolded (it had) and that it was sitting comfortably (it was) and then I went about my day. It seemed SO simple, and I was impressed. That evening I took it out with ease (you have to wiggle your fingers up inside you and pinch the little ring/stem at the bottom, then pull it out) and I emptied it, rinsed it etc. And then I put it back in, and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and there wasn't a leak to be seen; I was thrilled. So off I went to the bathroom and sat down to get it out. Then, disaster struck. I'm not being dramatic. I couldn't get hold of the ring to pull it out, even with deep breathing and muscle pushing and all those things people on forums recommend. I tried wetting my hands with water to make it easier to get inside; I tried squatting and pushing as if I was doing a big poo. But nothing worked, so I gave up and went to ask Sam's advice. I was getting panicky, but I sat down for a few minutes then went to give it another go.

Try as I might (and I did) I just couldn't get the bastard out. I was scared/angry/frustrated - I was on the verge of a panic attack and I was crying my eyes out. Maybe I was a bit dramatic but all I could think was that I was going to end up in A&E with a nurse's fingers inside my vagina which isn't the end of the world, it just seemed it at the time. I went back to my bedroom in tears, and I just didn't know what to do or what the problem was. In the end, Sam saved the day - I really am so lucky she was there, because she quite literally got my menstrual cup out for me - at least, she managed to pull it down far enough for me to actually grab on to and get it out.

Honestly, the whole thing was awful for me personally. Maybe I'll give it another go next time I have a period (update, I didn't) but I'm pretty put off. I felt deflated and disappointed - I'd wanted it to work, I'd wanted an eco friendly way to save money on my periods. But it didn't work for me, like it seems to for so many other people. I've popped Hannah Witton's video where she tries a cup for the first time, though, so you should definitely watch that for a more positive experience...

Have you ever tried a menstrual cup?

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  1. I think practise makes perfect with these. I think it took me at least two periods (2 months) to fully figure out how to do it neatly. The cup suctions into the walls of your lady bits so it's a good thing it doesn't' come out easily. TRUST ME! Next time, just give it a pinch to break the suction and then it should come out a lot easier. Also, if you squat it seems to lower the cup making it easier to reach. I think you should try it again once more and try to take it out in the shower so it won't be messy.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  2. I haven't ever heard of these, I don't have periods, I have them stopped with injection because of my illness I have internal bleeding and periods mean I am terribly anaemic so I don't have them but it sounds like a good idea in theory if you can get it to work for you, and much cheaper too! I hope if you try it again it works out better for you xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  3. This is what terrifies me about them! I have a permanent fear of losing the tampon string and I just can't imagine being calm enough to try and get a cup out (plus I am the clumsiest person alive and it would be everywhere). I haven't been brave enough to try one yet!

    Brianne xo

  4. OMG this is awful, so sorry you had this horrible experience. Let me know if you give it another try, if not I hope you find something eco-friendly that works for you!
    Well done for blogging about it though, yay period-positivity! <3

  5. Oh this sounds so painful! I am sorry to hear that you first experience wasn't as good as you hoped! I hope you can try it again in the future! I have never tried One of these- the concept should seemed so weird x