Thursday 25 February 2016

Ameliorate Skincare // Review

Y'all know, skincare is my jam - and when Ameliorate got in touch with Sam and I to ask if we both wanted to review some of their stuff I was thrilled. I love discovering brands I've never heard of before and seeing if any of their products take over my current faves. I also find it really interesting to see if mine and Sam's opinions of products are different, as we have really different skin types.

The products are designed to get rid of ""chicken skin"" as it says on the website - it's all meant to smooth your skin and get rid of Keratosis Pilaris, which is little bumps on the skin caused by a build up of dead skin in your hair follicles. Ameliorate is also meant to be good for dry skin, so I had high hopes!

The first of their products I tried was the Skin Smoothing Shower Cream* - I was in the shower, because we had no hot water so I couldn't get a bath, and I was excited to try it. All the products I've used from Ameliorate range have the same smell: like baby powder, only not quite. I like it, though. I found I needed quite a lot of the shower cream to get it to lather, but it was soooo creamy as the name would suggest and didn't irritate my skin (bonus) - and I was clean, so all is good there.

Next up I tried the Skin Smoothing Body Polish* because I always exfoliate before shaving my legs, which was something I'd neglected to do for a solid few weeks. Again it smelt lovely, and didn't irritate my skin, and it did a really good job of exfoliating my skin without being harsh. It has micro-dermabrasion granules which are, as far as I can see, a lot better for the environment than 'micro beads' are! (Although, please tell me if I'm wrong) This was definitely my favourite of all the things I tried from Ameliorate, and I'll be using it 'til the last drop.

Finally, after my shower, I tried the Skin Smoothing Body Lotion* and I did noooottttt like it. It didn't so much irritate my skin; as in, there was no new redness or rash or anything like that but it stung like a lil' bitch. For me, that just isn't worth it - so I think Sam will be using the rest of this one up by herself! Also, as nice as the maybe-it's-talc-maybe-it's-not smell is, it's better when you can wash most of it off…

Have you tried anything from Ameliorate? Let me know!

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