Wednesday 24 February 2016

Focus on // Bobbi Brown

If I had to pick one favourite high end make up brand, Bobbi Brown would undoubtedly take the crown - they're the first expensive make up brand I ever tried when I had a free makeover done at their counter by Mark from Desperate Scouswives (pre-TV appearance, though).

The first product I ever owned from them was a lipstick, but the colour didn't suit me and I sold it on eBay. I did, though, also have one for their single eyshadows in the shade 'blonde' which was my aunty's. Story time; she's not a make up wearer, and we'd had these makeovers done together whilst on a personal shopping experience in Debenhams getting dresses from our upcoming cruise. We were going away for my 16th birthday, and cruises always have a posh night where you meet the captain and eat canap├ęs. So we bought the dresses and then my aunty, who owned absolutely no make up at the time, proceeded to spent over £100 on Bobbi Brown stuff. I nearly fell over, but a few months later the eyeshadow and a gel eyeliner were given to me - so it all worked out nicely in the end!

So, the eyshadow - Blonde. It's the perfect brow shade for me; not too warm or too cool, and it applies perfectly with an angled brush for natural looking but absolutely bangin' brows. It's matte, pigmented, long-wearing. It's everything I want in a shadow, really, and it kickstarted a very expensive love affair.

I have horrible skin. It's red and blotchy and dry, and peppered with spots and scars. I've tried more foundations than I care to mention, from all ends of the price-spectrum. I went to the Bobbi Brown counter once more and ended up purchasing the Long Wear Foundation; it's not the best in terms of coverage, but a natural day time look it's really lovely. It didn't break me out, it doesn't smell weird, the colour suits my skin really nicely. It's not cakey, it's not drying but it's not too dewy. I'd definitely recommend it!

Sam being the babe that she is bought me the ....... as a surprise, and I practically cried when I saw it. The colours are amazing. AMAZING. Even the brush that came with it is good and everybody knows those things are usually useless. But I love this palette, and you can create a variety of looks with it for day and night. And those sparkles. Maaaannnn.

For Christmas, there was really only one thing on my list - the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Beige; I'd already tried it and knew it had to be mine, and when I first put it on after I received it I damn near fell in love with myself. It's just the most perfect highlight shade, and I'm not normally a golden sort of gal (being so pale and all) - but it just works. And the more the better, I say. I like that you can choose just one of the shades or swirl them all together, and it could be used as an eyeshadow too. The possibilities are almost endless!

What's your favourite high-end make up brand?

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