Friday 26 February 2016

Shabby Chic with Oscar's Boutique

Y'all are probably sick of hearing about it, but I'm moving in with my girlfriend in September and I couldn't be more excited for us to have our own place. We're looking for ways to have as much storage as possible, with it still lookin' cute AF. Oscar's Boutique have a whole host of shabby chic furniture and accessories, without being massively expensive - perfect for first homes.

They kindly sent me the four drawer wooden jewellery box* which is just gorgeous - and it doesn't have to be just for jewellery. I plan on putting this on my side of the bed in the flat, and filling it with important things that I need at hand - a lip balm and hand cream, headphones, spare phone cable, memory cards and chewing gum and probably some form of small sex toy.

The drawers are a really decent size, so if you were to use them for jewellery you'd easily fit most of your collection in - I know it's more than enough room for all the jewellery I own. They're really good quality, and I love the addition of the dangly hearts to open the drawers with. They don't tip as you open them, which I'd thought they would, and they just honestly look gorgeous even in my gross little uni room!

I'd definitely recommend checking out Oscar's Boutique if you're looking for home stuff - there's so much choice on the site, and it's all so pretty.

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  1. My bank balance definitely won't be thanking you after reading this post! That box is amazing..home ware is so exciting!

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