Thursday 19 November 2015

Throwback Thursday - my teenage years

There's not many things I enjoy doing more than looking at old photos, and lately I've found some pretty hilarious ones from my teenage years. I was somewhere in between a girly girl and a scene kid, and I never really found "my thing" - I was a theatre kid but pretended that was totally lame, and I was never one to drink on the golf course on a Friday night although I secretly wanted to. But anyway, I had a lot of friends and there are a lot of pictures so I thought I'd share them with you. I'll probably regret it.

I thought this was a brilliant photo at the time - let me assure you that the bike isn't moving, and yes my hair is that short. The bike belonged to my friend's boyfriend and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world.

Obviously this photo was taken in 2009, at a gig somewhere - I think we were seeing The Mission District (a Canadian band who are no longer a thing) at a tiny tiny venue in Liverpool. The tickets were about two quid and it was a brilliant night. Don't get me started on my outfit.

This is one of my favourite photos of my brother and I - told you I was a theatre kid. I'm not sure when this was, possibly 2008. We used to do pantomime together with our local amateur dramatic society. Maybe this was Rumplestiltskin or something. We were both dancers. It's embarrassing.

Oh that Walkman phone! We all had one, but I bet we didn't all pose like that or use pink "hair mascara" (GROSS). This girl was my best friend in school until we had a big fight and we've not really spoken since, but there are so many of these photos it's unreal.

This is in our local shopping centre, and that's my dad and me and two Storm Troopers. I still love Star Wars and I remember being so excited over this. Let's not question my outfit though, hey?

My road leads down to the beach, so naturally we spent most of our Summer holidays down there. My hair is atrocious (I used to ONLY straighten my side fringe) and I had never heard of make up, and it probably wasn't even warm that day but we were so so so happy.

This is me and my parents on some sort of walking holiday in the Lake District, which feels about five minutes ago but was in reality over four years ago. I'm wearing proper walking boots and a lilac coat and I remember it was so cold but we walked for hours and saw toadstools which was, obviously, magical.

In France there's a medieval village called Carcassone and people genuinely do live and work there but it's open to tourists and it has a castle, a haunted house and some lovely restaurants. This was when I was 16, or possibly 17, and I had my first girlfriend and dressed solely in clothing from the men's section at Primark.

My grandad died when I was slap bang in the middle of my GCSEs (seriously I had a maths exam the day after his funeral) and it was a really difficult time and obviously I made some questionable choices, like that hairstyle, but we held a fundraiser for Leukaemia Care and this was my outfit. I loved that dress and I cried a lot that night but we made loads of money and all my family and friends were there.

This was my first trip to Krakow when I was in sixth form (that's me holding the camera if you can't tell) and it was probably the best few days of my teenage life. It was minus 26 degrees and we drank a lot of vodka red bull and did shots of cherry liqueur with our teacher. We all wore about four layers and stayed up til the early hours in each others rooms.

There's probably a million other embarrassing photos I could show you but I think I've lost enough of my dignity... Let me know if you enjoy this sort of post!

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