Saturday 21 November 2015

Girls' night in w/ Debenhams

Sometimes, we all need a night in - not swinging round poles in Rosies or pulling all-nighters in the library. I personally love a night away from my laptop:  a good chick flick/documentary on the TV, a little foot spa and some chocolate covered strawberries.

Obviously, though, girls' (or guys') nights in can't possibly be complete without your softest fluffiest pyjamas, and the lovely guys over at Debenhams sent me and Sam a new pair each for our next girly night in; mine are from the Floozy by Frost French range, and they're soooo soft. It's a two piece set*, and the label says "too cute to care xoxo" - they retail for £28 and I can see myself wearing them to death over the upcoming months!

When they said they would send us some new jim-jams I was over the moon and immediately planned what film we'd be watching - we settled for Pitch Perfect 2 - and that was that. But the box that came to my door said FRAGILE in big red letters and I couldn't imagine what could possibly be fragile about pyjamas. But they'd gone all out, completely spoiling us with a girls' night in package.

Alongside the biggest hot chocolate mugs I've ever seen were teeny tiny nail varnishes from OPI, some little Benefit goodies and chocolates from Lindt. They also popped in some Whittards white hot chocolate powder and Snow In Love from Yankee Candle, which is good really because Sam and I are just snow in love. Geddit? Last but definitely not least was a little cracker from Baylis and Harding - HOW CHRISTMASSY - which had a hand cream inside.

The candle is to die for, a sweet and powdery scent, and it's white so if you're picky about having candles matching your colour scheme (my mum is) it would go wherever! So we put our new pyjamas on, lit the candle, ate some chocolate. We made hot drinks and moisturised our hands/faces, painted our nails and watched the film. I used the berry shade on my nails, and it kills me that I can't find the name because it's truly stunning and a proper A/W shade!

It was such a truly lovely night - a girls' night in with my best friend, my other half, my soulmate, made even better by gorgeous little gifts from Debenhams. So thank you, guys, for making what would have been just a "Netflix and chill" kinda night, so much better.
Products were kindly gifted to us by Debenhams - and I did take my make up off before I went to sleep, I promise!

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  1. Oooooo that sounds divine! I love the pictures - looks like a grand time was had!!