Tuesday 17 November 2015

Sample Stash #2

Round two of going through my copious amount of samples and reviewing them for y'all...

'Too Cool For School' McGirly Rice Scrub // I love rice scrubs - I've tried a few now, and this one isn't as gritty as other ones and it's a bit like rubbing damp talcum powder all over your face. I like it a lot though and my face felt really clean after I'd used it - plus it did a fair job of getting my make up off. It's a Korean beauty product, so it's not widely available - it's pretty expensive on Amazon, but I'm sure you could hunt it down a bit cheaper if you wanted to! 7/10

Hairy Jayne Cream Conditioner // Hairy Jayne do a whole range of handmade hair care products, all with a lovely floral scent. The conditioner was creamy and left my hair soft, although it was still hard to rag a brush through it! If you're someone who's super into handmade, all-natural stuff then Hairy Jayne is the one for you. What a fab name, too. 6/10

Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum // Another #NWmeet product - I tried their face cream and loved it, but I wasn't SO keen on this. It smells kind of gross and it's very very very wet. It sank in quite quick though, and the patches of my face that weren't already atrociously dry did actually feel nice afterwards. I've tried better serums, though, so I wouldn't buy it and it's pretty expensive at around $34 - eek! 5/10

Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Rejuvenating Face Mask // This contains bee venom which I think is so cool, and it doesn't sit on top of your face like a usual face mask - it sinks in, and then you wash it off with a "moist cloth" (gross) after however long you want. It smells nice, it didn't make my face sting or anything, and my skin felt soft after I wiped it off. I probably wouldn't buy it because it's not the best face mask I've used, but I did enjoy it! 6/10 (useless blogger alert - I forgot to photograph this. Doh)

Be sure to come back each month to see how I'm getting on with making my way through the extortionate amount of sample-sized products lurking around my bathroom/bedroom!

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