Wednesday 11 November 2015

November eBay Wishlist

It's eBay wishlist time again - my favourite type of post to write AND to read, and I spend my life on eBay anyway so it makes a lot of sense.

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I recently got a new handbag from Yoshi, but it's quite posh and fancy and I don't really want to use it for day to day - this cross body bag seems like a fab everyday alternative and it's a steal at just over a tenner! I saw this gorgeous insect-print shirt ages ago and I've wanted it ever since - it's so unique and it would look fab paired with jeans or skirts, dressed up or down! It had moths and dragonflies and beetles on it and I think it's just lovely. This khaki roll neck dress is possibly my favourite thing on this list: it's really simple and I can imagine it looking fab with boots and a chunky cardigan...

99% Unicorn - that's what I wanna be and this pink jumper is just amazing. I live in this kind of jumper on library days at uni, paired with leggings and trainers. I have literally about 10 of them and they're just so comfy. These grey slip ons are something I need in my life - I already have black ones and snakeskin ones, and I think a grey pair would definitely add something to my collection! Last but not least is this knitted coral jumper and I know coral isn't an A/W colour but it is a colour that really suits me and I think that's all that matters!

Did you spot anything you love on this month's eBay wishlist? Let me know!


  1. i love that jumper!!! it's been SO chilly lately that i've been looking for more pullovers to add to my closet to keep me warm!!!