Monday 9 November 2015

Liverpool's best kept secrets w/ Travelodge

Growing up just a stone's throw/ferry ride from Liverpool means I've spent a lot of time there and over the years I've definitely found some amazing places. Travelodge challenged me to put together a list of my ultimate favourites to share with you guys, so here goes!

The Kasbah, Bold Street // I first visited here with my best friend a few years ago - she's much more cultured than I am, and she suggested we went there rather than McDonalds. So we did and I fell in love: I've been a few times and the food is just to die for. It's a Moroccan cafe-bazaar and it's an alcohol free environment, so perfect for those who don't drink! I love it at lunch time, and their falafel is second to none in my opinion.

The Kasbah

FACT, Wood Street // FACT is the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology - it's a cinema and art gallery showcasing new forms of media. They always have really cool films and exhibitions as well as participant-led art projects. Once they had a teepee and the last time I went there was a whole thing about fracking and I got to wear a hard hat. Well worth a visit. It's just off Bold Street, aka the coolest street in town.

FACT liverpool
Me in a hard hat - you're welcome

Quiggins @ Grand Central, Renshaw Street // This place is literally my teenage years summed up - all my pocket money was spent here, and I still love visiting it now. The building itself is stunning enough but inside it's just a treasure trove, especially for rock lovers/scene kids/goths/hippies - they have a Dr Martens shop, Woodstock which sells sassy festival styff as the name would suggest, and all the body mod stuff you could wish for! There's also a FAB vintage section where I've purchased my fair share of Levis and itchy jumpers...

frederiks hope street liverpool

Frederiks, Hope Street // Sam and I went here when we did a gin-tasting experience (which we live-tweeted, and which was utterly hilarious) - it's such a gorgeous little bar, with quirky looking cocktails and lovely staff. It has a bright upstairs area, and then a dark but cosy downstairs which is where the gin/other-alcohol-tasting stuff happens. They do loads of food, ranging from small plates to pizzas to salads and it's not particularly expensive - plus there's also a pre-theatre deal which leads me nicely to my next hidden gem...

The Everyman Theatre, Hope Street // I'm a lover of theatre, and The Everyman is one that I've been to many many times over the years - notably for their Rock N Roll Pantomimes each year. A regular pantomime but with a complete jazz/rock band, and loads more audience interaction - it was the reason I took up the saxophone for a short while... The theatre is set out with the stage sort of in the middle, with benches and seats around three sides of it - almost 'in the round' but not quite! They do music shows, Shakespeare and stand up comedy so there's something for everyone and it's a really lovely venue!

What are your top picks for places to spend time in Liverpool? If there's anywhere you'd recommend, let me know below or on Twitter - @katygilroyblog

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