Wednesday 7 October 2015

Everyone deserves the chance to fly // OOTD

I've never really been a hat person - until around a year ago, when I fell in love with a Nike beanie and never looked back. I used to think I looked like a tea cosy when I wore hats, and I probably still do a bit... But you know!

My hat* is from Bridgedale - it's Merino wool and soooooo ridiculously soft. Even though it's such a simple outfit, I think the hat adds a lot to it, especially against my sassy blonde curls. Everyone needs a black body con dress, I reckon (this one's from eBay) because you can literally chuck it on and go, or you can jazz it up for nights out. My denim jacket is a vintage Levi's from an independent shop in Liverpool; it was gross and smelly when I bought it, but it looks as good as new these days and I wear it to death.

Confession time: my Michael Kors bag is a fake from Turkey. I don't really know how people of the blogging world feel about fake designer garms, but I literally don't care. Although this one has already broken. Go figure. My boots are from Primark last year, as is the pretty floral necklace which is actually Sam's. Ooops.

I'm not so good at outfit posts but please let me know if you enjoy them anyway!


  1. I love the colour of that bag! Great outfit x

  2. That bag is fab!! Let's just keep pretending it's real, you couldn't tell the difference.. :)
    Charlotte x