Friday 9 October 2015

It's the final countdown (of uni)

It's here - my third and final year of uni. The beginning of the end. It's safe to say I'm terrified, as it's less than a year 'til I graduate and wander off into the big wide world of job searching. I want nothing more than a stable and exciting career, and I hope I'm prepared to work my little butt off to get there.

I study journalism and creative writing, and when I first embarked on my uni journey I was adamant I wanted to be a journalist. Oh boy how things have changed. Seeing how things really work (boring) and seeing the way the mainstream British media treated the recent refugee crisis (disgusting) has completely opened my eyes to a world that I don't particularly want to be part of. My love for creative writing, on the other hand, has only solidified since starting my degree.

People often say if you love something, you shouldn't study it - I can see where that train of thought originates from, but studying creative writing has brought me such joy (along with a fair deal of stress but that's a given). It's taught me new techniques, made my confidence levels soar and allowed me to dabble in things I probably otherwise would have stumbled blindly past. Studying creative writing has allowed me to meet so many like-minded, talented and brave human beings, sharing their stories in a million ways.

Studying journalism has been a let down, in all honesty - but it did give me the push to start my blog (and stick at it) which is something I'm eternally grateful for. It's challenged me in so many ways, but it's not often that I've felt like I'm particularly good at my journalism degree. I'm pretty okay at blogging, though, and whatever path my career takes I think my blog will be alongside me.

So thus begins my final year of study - head down, working hard, aiming for a high 2:1 at the end of things. Being realistic, I think that's a good aim to have. I'm both nervous and excited to see what this year has in store but as always, it'll be an eventful one...

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