Saturday 19 September 2015

LUSH Milky Bath // Review

This is the first of the brand new Lush Oxford Street things that I've actually tried - I didn't plan on buying it but when I saw it in the Liverpool store I was like ohhhh you are adorable get in my basket right now. It smells so fresh and clean and lovely.

It contains actual milk, alongside cocoa butter/orange oil/patchouli oil/cornflour - and it smells like soap should smell, in my opinion. I hate milk, but you know, CALCIUM. Good for you, and all that. It's also a decent size, so you could get around three baths out of it - or four at a push, if you have a small ish bath. Mine's the size of a small swimming pool, so.

My bath water turned a vaguely blue-ish colour which was pleasing on the eyes, and of course it smelt amazing - not to mention the absolute abundance of bubbles. So. Many. Bubbles. As always with Lush bubble bars, my skin was silky smooth and felt soothed when I got out. I'd highly recommend this one, if your local store is one that's stocking the new bits and bobs yet!

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  1. sounds lovely - especially the patchouli bit. pardon my ignorance but what do you do with it - ie do you drop it in the bath as it's running or use it like ordinary soap? How is it with your eczema?