Monday 29 June 2015

What's in my bag?!

For nosey lil' things like me, a good old "what's in your bag?" post is an absolute joy, and I've been meaning to do this for ages - so here we go, finaaaalllly.

bag from Missguided

As you can see, there's tons of crap in there - and that's it whittled down to look presentable. There's normally a whole hoard of empty Pepsi bottles, receipts from Primark, and also my Tangle Teezer, which has currently gone walkabout.

But onto what's actually there, huh? My passport is actually my only form of ID, so it comes everywhere with me, and my stripy purse (Primark) is in there too. I usually have my huge Mulberry purse in my bag, but I've not transferred stuff back from my holiday purse yet, it's a whole thing. My Skullcandy headphones aka my pride and joy, are in there, because I find those little in-ear things stupidly annoying - plus these are pink. Bubblegum, because why not, and my keys because who wants to get locked out?!

Beauty wise, I always carry some sort of lip balm - I've got Blistex Happy Lips* in the mango scent, which is utterly to die for, and also the Dr Paw Paw* all in one miracle worker in the Original scent. Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in shade 19 is my go-to, so that's nearly alwaysssss with me too. Hand sanitiser, of course (mine is a Primark exclusive vanilla fudge-scented Cuticura one) and also a Soap and Glory hand cream, because I'm like an adult now or something. Chance by Chanel is my handbag perfume, mostly just because this is an actual travel friendly one plus it smells divine. I have the Breathe-In roll on thingy from This Works, which is good when I'm feeling anxious or nervous.

Random crap includes One Direction plasters, because I'm prone to blisters, and my cute little Ikea notebook which set me back all of about a quid, and is sooooo bloody cute. There's a few pens thrown in there too, because I love making notes. Last but not least is my gorgeous pink Popband bobble which is super handy when you've got a long mane like moi.

So that's what's chucked in my bag on a daily basis - what's in your's?


  1. I love what's in my bag posts! So nosy haha x

  2. Ooh I have that notepad! IKEA are masters of stationery, I hope they keep up the good work :) Awesome bag :)

  3. Oh yes.. the notes! I also love to have pens and notebooks in my bag :D
    Jade x