Friday 3 July 2015

eBay wish list - July

It's been a while since I did a good ol' eBay wishlist post but they're my favourite thing to blog, so here I am with what I've been hankering after lately.

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How beautiful is this ex-Tosphop floral skirt?! I squealed when I saw it, it's perfect for summer evenings paired with a floaty top in that pink colour. I'd definitely wear it with those mule type shoes, which also come in black or cream. I can't really imagine they'd be massively comfortable, but pain is beauty and such. The statement necklace is right up my street because I wear a looootttt of black, and I love sparkles. It's a complete steal compared to the prices you pay in Zara and Accessorize. A replica Stussy bucket hat? Doesn't everyone need of those? For under a fiver, defo. I'm not going to any festivals this year but if I was, I'd already have bought one of these bad boys. Last but not least is the Queen Bee t-shirt, which I love because BEES. Just bees.

A short but sweet post - because my next one is super long and possibly a bit emotional. I'll leave you wondering though, gang.

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