Thursday 25 June 2015

Now I've finished uni for Summer...

It's been a long hard slog, and my mental health has suffered, but finally I've finished my second year of uni and I'm free for Summer. Soooo what are my plans?

Myself and Sam are organising #NWmeet - a blogger event for us guys and gals in the North West who find it difficult to get to those plush ol' events down in London. We're in the midst of a hundred emails, and parcels having slowly but steadily started arriving. If you fancy coming, drop me an email ( and I'll send on the deets.

It's my birthday next weekend, and I've got a few celebrations in mind. I'll be turning 20 which is rubbish and I'm not ready to let go of my teenage years, sadly... But the week after that is Sam's brother's graduation, which means more celebrating and a lot of champagne. My god-sister turns 18 and my cousin is getting married; so many occasions to be happy about.

I'm nannying in the summer and working in my little café job, which I love because it means unlimited blue slush and sunny days with my friends, even if I do come home covered in strawberry ice cream and smelling like chips. I hope to be blogging every other day, ish, if the sun ever makes an appearance so I can get some bloody photos! I want to fill the summer with loads of day trips and adventures, so look out for posts about where I've been and the sassy lil' outfits I've worn. Fingers crossed Sam and I will be filming some more YouTube videos; we've been out the loop a little bit lately, as both of us have been having a bit of a rubbish time, but I really want to get back into it ASAP!

I plan to write loads of poetry and try to improve my drawing skills. I plan to paint my nails a different colour every week. I plan to learn how to braid. I plan to shave my legs regularly, instead of leaving it three weeks at a time. I plan on getting through my HUGE to-read list, and I plan on reviewing as many as I can for my 2015 book challenge. I plan on watching Glee from start to finish. I plan on having duvet days with my girlfriend and playing crazy golf when the weather is nice. I plan on going to the museum with my mum and planting flowers in the garden to help save the bees.

What are YOUR plans for this Summer?!


  1. Lovely plans for summer you have and Happy Birthday for next weekend!

    Amy at

  2. Fabulous plans my lovely, so far I only have my hols planned in a few weeks time, and Lissy gets her A level results too, don't know who's more nervous me or her lol xxxx