Thursday 28 May 2015

Shit I'm wearing on my face lately//May

I feel like I'm a bit useless at doing beauty posts because there's only so many things you can say about a blusher amiriteeee? I just don't have the knack for it, but I love make up and shit so I'm gonna do a beauty post anyway and tell you about all the bits and bobs I'm smearing on my face on a regular basis.


I have combination skin to the max; it's super dry but covered in spots. I seem to be keeping my blemishes under control recently though, and that's probably thanks to the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit facial scrub which I use on pretty much a daily basis. It smells so nice and does the trick of keeping my skin squeaky clean. What more could you want? I've also been reaching for the MooGoo Full Cream moisturiser* which isn't too thick or greasy and leaves my skin soooo soft. It's a perfect base for make-up which leads me nicely to...


My skin is rubbish at keeping anything on it so I always use a primer and being a poor student, I've been using the MUA Pro-Base primer, followed by the trusty ol' Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, which errrrrybody loves. At the minute I'm using Estee Lauder double wear foundation; the shade I have is a bit too dark for me because it was one my pretty lil' girlfriend was getting rid of but I love the coverage it gives.

I'm using Hoola from Benefit to contour etc with, not that I have any Kim K skills, and the Ambient Lighting palette for highlighting my nose and brow bone and such. Sometimes I use it as an all-over face powder if I want an extra glow because I can't be tamed and like to live life on the wild side. For blush, the wonderful people at MooGoo also have a make-up range called Dusty Girls, and they sent me a gorgeous blusher in the shade 'Pink Ladies'* which is so fetch.

Eye-wise, the Naked Palette from Urban Decay is pretty much where it's at, alongside the Wonderfull mascara from Rimmel which I mainly like because the packaging is sO SHINY. My eyebrows are currently tinted, but when they're not I just fill them in a bit with a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in the shade Blonde on a fancy angled brush. My lipstick collection is solidly growing, but my latest love is Hot Gossip from Mac which was a present from my big bro. He's a gem sometimes.

There you have it, really. Things I slap on my face to make myself not resemble a toe so much.


  1. Great post! I really like this type of post and might do something similar in the future. I want to try out the Neutrogena facial scrub that you mentioned as I too have combination skin and need something to help!

    From Daisy |

  2. I've wanted to try the Pink Grapefruit scrub for a long time. I've heard really great things about MooGoo, they seem like a great brand. I'm a sucker for shiny packaging so I must take a look at this mascara!

  3. I really like this post, love the Naked Palette from Urban Decay; I use it everyday! Lush face masks are amazing for combination and skin prone to breakouts, definitely worth having a look if you have some time :) xx