Sunday 24 May 2015

Shit I'm grateful for...

Sometimes, more often that I'd like to admit, I get down in the dumps and have days when I want to scream from the tops of snowcapped mountains about how rubbish everything is. But then some time passes and I think no, you know what, you've got shit in your life to be damn well grateful about. So I'm going to compile a list - not intended to be an exhaustive list - of all the things I am grateful for in my lovely little life.

Poetry // I love to read AND write poetry; I may not be very good at it, but it's something that allows me to spills my thoughts onto paper and turn my angst into inky snake venom. Reading it, too, is such an incredible feeling for me - knowing such talent exists warms my heart. You can read some of my little poems on if you wish :)))

My relationship // I have the most beautiful, talented, intelligent and caring girlfriend ever; by some crazy twist of fate I stumbled upon her in this big wide world and I can honestly say I feel so astonishingly lucky to have met somebody as amazing as her. She puts up with my moods and emotions, she makes me laugh on the darkest days, she shares my passions for rubbish chick flicks and Dominos pizza.

Eurovision // Bit of a random one? I'm writing this just after watching this year's Eurovision Song Contest, and even though we did absolutely crap as usual it was a night full of glitter and cheesy songs and of course, Conchita's beautiful eyebrows. It brings people together (via Twitter) for a jolly good laugh at the bitchy comments Graham Norton makes...

The 21st Century // Sure a lot of the time it feels like we're going backwards, and things like rights for the LGBT community still have to voted on (you go, btw, Ireland. So bloody proud) but when you look back through the years, we're doing pretty well. The technology we have is amazing, and we may be stuck with another 5 years of Tory crap but we got this, guys... (I hope so anyway)

Make Up // It's amazing, slapping these liquids and powders and glittery shit on my face turns me from looking like a toe, to something a lot more acceptable. Watching the transformation in front of my bedroom mirror every morning is so much FUN.

Like I said this isn't an exhaustive list and there's a lot in my life that I'm grateful for, these being a few of them alongside my wonderful family and friends. What are YOU grateful for?


  1. Ahhaa you make me laugh "looking like a toe" :'D I'm gonna start using that instead of troll like I say haha! I like poetry :) not reading it so much, but hearing other people read it. Mostly people performing their own poetry 'cos you can see what it means to them, have you seen button poetry on youtube? They post great poetry performances! And you and Sam are the sweetest! Warms my heart to see how much you look out for and care for each other :) lots of love xoxo
    amber love

  2. Aw Katy! I look like a toe without makeup in the morning too hahaha. I love this post :) and so happy that you're happy in your relationship. I too am in a wonderful relationship and its great to have someone by my side - even if it's just for me to moan to them ;) xxx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. Great post, i loved eurovision =]

  4. "5 years of Tory crap" :') you're hilarious! I love posts like this, I think all to often we forget to look back on the good and let negativity wade in. Totally agree with your Eurovision point, I'm not even ashamed at how much I love it!!


  5. This is really lovely! It makes me happy knowing you have such lovely things and people surrounding you. You and Sam are the cutest! :)
    I've been planning to do a 'positive things of the month' type blogpost each month to keep me cheery! ^_^ xxx

    - Kiah |