Monday 11 May 2015


If you know me, you'll probably know I have a strange obsession with bees. I have a bee tattoo which I adore, and I'm hankering after loads more bee-related stuff. This blog post comes with a serious message too, though. SAVE THE BLOODY BEES. Honestly, we'll all probably be dead without them. The Bee Movie isn't just a cute cartoon you know guys - it's true. They are so vital to our existence and without them, loads of the things we need to survive would cease to be available. Plant bee-friendly plants, and lots of 'em. Talk to the plants and send love to the bees.

1. Liberty Bee Friendly tea-towel // I'm a sucker for tea-towels which is weird because I hate doing this dishes. Anything from Liberty gets a massive thumbs up from me anyway. click here

2. Baby bee pendant by Alex Monroe // Oh it's so dainty and pretty and I just love it. I'm on the hunt for an every day necklace and if I could afford this, I'd be snapping it up... click here

3. Time is Honey t-shirt // I love a good pun/word play, and slogan tees are a staple in my wardrobe because I'm so lazy and unfashionable. click here

4. Owen and Robinson earrings // I'm not a massive wearer of earrings but these are soooo cute. There's nothing more to say really! click here

5. Joules welly boots // Although I'm not a farmer or frequent festival goer, I do love wellies. Joules are always really good quality, and these are a really nice height. click here

6. Dictionary print // There are so many variations of this available online, including ones with quotes alongside the picture. This is defo on my birthday wishlist... click here

7. Buglife socks by J.Crew // These are soooo expensive for a pair of socks but I love everything about them and I reckon they'd BEE dead comfy. See what I did there???? click here

You can find out more about bees and why we need to save them by clicking HERE.


  1. Those bee earrings are super cute! There's loads of bee related home things in ASDA at the minute, I have a bee candle holder and it's sooooo cute!! Xx

  2. That is an adorable pendant and I love the print too, Bees are really important literally we rely on them so much and take it for granted xxx

  3. It's not just bees, all animals are important and we take them for granted so much! The bee pendant and the socks are so cute though! :) xx

  4. That necklace is so cute =]