Monday 18 May 2015

Gimme all your lovin'

I always miss that time of month when it's acceptable to talk about your favourites, so I'm just going to admit defeat and throw my favourite products/things/people out there now. There's a mixture of stuff, and I love finding out what people having been enjoying recently so I hope you like having a little nosey.

MooGoo Full Milk Mosturiser // I was sent this by the lovely people at Moogoo, and at first I didn't get on with it - but that was when my skin was super dry and irritated, and now I couldn't love it more. I use it morning and night after toning, and it sinks in so nicely. It's a perfect base for make-up and it smells so sweet and yummy.

Lush baths // I recently used Avobath from Lush, which Sam recommended to me, and I didn't realise it was going to make my bath water shimmer like a pool full of fairy dust, and I felt like Tinkerbell. Plus my skin was sooooo soft when I emerged.

Rimmel Wonderfull mascara // I have the world's most short and stubby lashes, and I'm always on the hunt for a decent mascara. My mum was using this and I'd borrowed it a few times, so I bought my own and I love it. It's one of those that tends to work even better as it dries out, and it really makes my lashes look a million times better than they normally do!

Cheesecake // I make a mean Baileys cheesecake myself, but I love cheesecake of all kinds. Like there is never ever a bad time to eat cheesecake, is there?

Disney World vlogs and hauls // I've given up on all TV programs and films, and instead Sam & I have been watching vlogs of people at Disney World, and hauls of all their souvenirs. Can you tell we're excited to go next year? It's such a long way off, but AHZBISLS ASDODS CL OAFAOSFBAFSDF[ASDOFB ASDHFOFHANAKFSDUFHWE8RAPSD VKSDJHALSDALSDOAIFHKJF'FASO[IDFHASOD LASDNASDJASOPFJV

Yah sooo maybe I'll make this a thing that happens every so often when I've accumulated a list of things I love! I'm coming to the end of my second year of uni, so blog posts might a bit sparse while I get everything tied up - wish me luck... Also let me know what you've been loving lately!


  1. Love the glitter Lush bath bombs! Glitter is my fave haha. I forever love cheesecake, it's my favourite sweet food ever. I once stabbed my friend at school with a spoon and cut her chin because she ate my cheesecake pudding. I was also having a bad day...and I haven't stabbed anyone since :P
    amber love

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  3. Ooh that Lush bath bomb sounds lovely... although i'm never quite so impressed at having to clean the bath out afterwards as they do tend to leave it in a bit of a mess! Still though, fairy dust water sounds totally worth it! x
    Laura | Loved By Laura

  4. Im a lover of cheesecake too =]

  5. Avobath is such a lovely bath bomb, I have recently posted a review of it myself on my blog! I am so jealous of your Disney World holiday, it's going to be so good! You and Sam are such lucky devils :) xx

  6. Oh my gosh Avobath is my favourite Lush product!